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 Analytical Laboratory Testing Services     "RTP Labs Study Reveals Biological Clock in Plants."  See our Lab News Page and

  • US and Foreign Imported Products Testing for Contamination, Toxic Chemicals, Pesticides, VOCs; Banned Substances; Product Purity.

  • Indoor Air, Ambient & Sources (Stack Gases), VOC Vapor Intrusion, Dissolved Gases in Groundwater, Landfill Gases, Fracking Air Emissions, Soil & Water, Pesticides, Perfluorooctanonic Acid (PFOA) & Fluorinated Telomers, Phthalates, PCBs, Isocyanates, Semivolatile Organics, Siloxanes, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM Test Methods.

  • Pharmaceuticals; Residual Solvents; Controlled Substances Adulteration in Natural Products; Incineration Studies & Employee Exposures of Controlled Substances in Air.

  • Dietary Supplements Testing to support the June 2007 FDA Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Rule

  • Sustainable products, "Green Building" and LEED chemical emissions testing using ASTM D5116 "Environmental Chambers" and the California's Section 01350 "School Building Specifications" methods.

  • Custom Projects and R & D.  Lab Instruments: GC/MS; HPLC/PDA/MS; GC/FID; GC/TCD; GC/FPD; GC/ECD; Polarized Light Microscopy/FL; Polarimeter; FT-IR.

RTP Labs is compliant with ISO 17025 Standard for laboratories, is a State of Pennsylvania Registered Laboratory and Federal Drug Enforcement Agency & North Carolina controlled substances registered analytical laboratory for all schedules.

Contract Analytical Laboratory Services for Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Dietary Supplements, and Manufacturing Industries

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Our Mission


The mission of Research Triangle Park Laboratories, Inc. (RTP Labs) is to be recognized as one of the premier providers of analytical laboratory services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, environmental, dietary supplements and manufacturing industries. RTP Labs is committed to providing quality services that meet the requirements of our clients and that are in compliance with the International Standards for Testing Laboratories ISO 17025; Current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLPs) and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) requirements. RTP Labs is dedicated to providing an environment that encourages the achievement of excellence, demands integrity in all aspects of its operations, and requires active participation of all associates in meeting its quality goals.



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